Antariksh Lyrics Meaning & Translation In English- Anuv Jain

Song: Antariksh
Singer: Anuv Jain
Lyrics: Anuv Jain
Music: Anuv Jain
Label: Anuv Jain

Antariksh Lyrics Mean & Trans

Karta Main Baatein Meri Aaine Se Dekho Teri
Tujhse Kaise Khul Ke Waise Bolun Main Yeh Raaz Dil Ke?
Ab Tere Samne Hoon Kitna Kuch Main Kehna Chahoon
Mujhko Yeh Bata De Fir Kyun Khojun Main Alfaaz Milke?

See, I speak to myself in the mirror about you.
How should I have the courage to convey my feelings to you?
I want to say a lot to you, so why am I still seeking for the right words?

Dekho Yeh Aaina, Aye Na Tu Kyun Yahan?
Aaine Mein Saath Mere Teri Hi Toh Hai Jagah
Uljha Hoon Alfazon Mein Hi Nikle Na Awazon Mein Ki
Pass Mere Pass Mein Aaja
Aa Ja Na, Aa Re Aa, Aa Re Aa, Aa Re Aa, Aa Re Aa,

Take a glance in the mirror. Why don’t you come on over?
Only you deserve to be in the mirror with me.
I’m lost in my own thoughts and can’t find the perfect words to say. Bring yourself closer to me.
Come closer.

Tere Sitaron Mein Yaan Ik Tara Hazaron Mein Kya?
Mere Inn Sawalon Ka Main Dhundun Yoon Jawab Aise
Lakhon Hazaron Mein Kya? Mamuli Kirdaro Mein Yaan
Aau Inn Khayalon Mein Main Banke Kuch Nayab Aise

Is it my destiny to be a part of your fate, or simply another star among thousands?
In my thoughts, I’m seeking answers to these questions.
Am I the exceptional one among thousands or the typical one among thousands?

Tu Hi Hai Aasmaan Mere Dil Ko Azmaan
Aasmaani Taaron Mein Main Dhundhu Yoon Apni Jagah
Mere Bhi Khayalon Mein Tu Duniya Ke Kinaro Se Yoon
Pass Mere Pass Mein Aaja
Aaja Na Aa Re Aa Aa Re Aa Aa Re Aa Aa Re Aa Aa Re Aa

You are my universe, and you could test my heart.
I’m seeking for a space in the sky amid the stars.
You are in my thoughts, away from the rest of the world.
Bring yourself closer to me.
Bring yourself closer.

Sun Toh Ek Din Yeh Dil Mera Hoga Benaqaab Haan
Aur Phir Tujhe Nazar Ayega Ki
Antariksh Ki Tarah Yeh Hai Behisaab Sa
Aur Sab Tera Yeh Ho Jayega

My heart would be expressed one day.
Then you’d discover that it, like space, has no boundaries.
And it will be yours alone.

Dil Ke Afsane Mere Keh Na Paya Salon Se Main
Sochoon Yeh Khazane Mere Bantoon Sare
Aaj Tujhse Bante Bahane Mere Taloon Kyun Na Jane Kal Pe?
Hoon Jo Ab Main Pass Tere Betha Hoon Naraaz Khudse

I haven’t been able to articulate my feelings for years.
I feel compelled to share all of my emotions to you.
I’m not sure why I put it off until tomorrow.
I’m unhappy with myself right now while I sit next to you.

Band Hain Taalon Mein Taloon Sari Baatein Yeh
Taloon Sari Baatein Kya Mein Tere Intezaar Mein?
Rehta Hoon Umeedon Mein Kya? Tu Hi Mujhko Keh Degi Aa
Pass Mere Pass Mein Aaja
Aaja Na Aa Re Aa Aa Re Aa Aa Re Aa Aa Re Aa Aa Re Aa

All of my emotions are stored in my heart.
Do I postpone because I want to hear from you first?
Is this my only hope? Do you want to express yourself to me?
Bring yourself closer to me.
Come closer

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