Aukat Dikha Di Meme Song Lyrics

Song: Dafa 406 (Aukat Dikha Di Meme Song)
Singer: Chhotu Shikari
Lyrics: Chhotu Shikari
Music: Abhishek Gupta
Label: Chhotu Shikari Official

Aukat Dikha Di Meme Song Lyrics

Bol Bhai Kahe Ke Nirash Bada Tu
Ka Bhail Bate Ke Udas Bada Tu
Pid Pichhe Kare Tor Burai Bhale Duniya
Bhai Khatir Sabka Se Khas Bada Tu

Kuch Loga Pe Chandi Chamkawal Chahe La
Bol Da Tohra Ke Girawal Chahela
Kuch Log Bate Yaha Bhukhail Prem Ke
Naam Leke Tor Aage Awal Chahela

Musibat Jab Marad Pade La Bhail
Tab Pura Duniya Ye Maja Lewe La
Jwana Tu Rasta Pe Niklal Bada
Upe Badnami Sathe Sab Milela

Roj Naya Naya Vivad Mile Na
Dige Dige Suna Iha Ghat Milela
Dusman Se Jyada Barbad Kare Mei
Bhai Apne Hi Logwa Ke Name Milela

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Kade Tenu Akhda Gulab Red Ni Lyrics Translation

tell me brother why are you sitting disappointed
tell me why are you sad what happened
The world may speak ill of you behind your back.
but you are the most special to me

Some people here only care about their own business
They want to humiliate you by doing anything.
Some people are just hungry to make their name better.
They are using your name to move forward

When a man suffers, right?
so the whole world enjoys it
And the path on which you have walked
There is only infamy on him

There will be some fight here every day
You will be cheated here in the name of religion.
And here behind your ruin
you will have more own people than your enemies

People who are with you in all your happiness
He will not be seen anywhere in times of trouble.
They complain and abuse behind your back.
And when you post a photo on Facebook, you write brother

nobody loves anybody
no one is loyal here anymore
have become more poisonous than snakes
I lose sleep seeing people like this

Everyone is separated in the name of caste
He abuses his mother’s name while talking.
All the leaders in the country
They are trying to destroy the country in the name of religion.

Now media brothers speak well only about those who pay them.
Look into the eyes and lie
I am cheaper than the one in the room.
Now the honor of good people has started being sold.

No one gets punished here even after committing a crime
Poor people who have money just keep crying, they never get their rights.
Those who talk about providing justice
Doesn’t support you if you go to them in case of need

they will say bad things to you
But it is said that when a lion moves, the lions keep making noise.
the world will speak ill of you
But if you succeed then give them their answer.

Let the world say what it says about you
Ignore them and get out of there
Don’t be sad by what the world says
If you give importance to them then you will remain poor.

you always remember my words
Never abandon the people who are with you right now
don’t hurt anyone
Because it is not always the bad person but also the condition.

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