Ching Cheng Hanji Lyrics English Translation

Ching Cheng Hanji Lyrics English Translation

Pao Longtu is sitting in Kaifeng Palace
Summoned the imperial family’s Prince Consort to listen carefully

Once remember celebrating the Emperor
In the Dragon Boat Festival
Where I and you spoke in the courtroom

You look uncertain when speaking of your marriage
That’s when I assume you have a wife from where you came

Now his mother and son have come looking for you
Why did you continue to lie and not tell the truth?
I advise you to recognize Xianglian as the right thing to do
Or it’s too late to regret when the trouble comes

There’s no need for the Prince Consort to talk sweet
All the evidence is in the courtroom
And ask someone to see the case of Xianglian

Prince Consort, come closer and read the specific
It is written:
“Qin Xianglian, 32 year old
Issues a complaint against the imperial family’s Prince Consort
Deceiving his majesty, misleading the emperor
This man broke a marriage vow to become his son-in-law
By attempting to murder his wife and extinguish his heirs
He abandoned his conscience;
He drove his wife to death within a shrine.”
Have this accusation posted on every building
And grit my teeth to hunt you down

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