Dansa Lyrics in Hindi & English | SIXK | SIXK New Song 2020

Dansa Lyrics in Hindi & English | SIXK | SIXK New Song 2020

Dansa Lyrics in Hindi & English sung by SIXK while music is given by SIXK. The lyrics of new song Hindi is given by SIXK.

Song – Dansa
Singer – SIXK
Music – SIXK
Lyrics – SIXK


Dial in before the weak turn strong, (stay with us),
I’m dripping novocaine in song, (tame your lust),
Forbidden the fruit,
you knew better than to think of me,
Girl you’re so..

Verse 1 (Hari)
Been too long at home
Last year full of solid blows
Moving round my town like flower boy
Dali with the savage hoes
Red scarf on my face im a matador
Run her arms out Santa Claus
like wassup, can i have applause
purse strings loose, so lame, i know,
But i blame my flows,
So i blame that girl
You’re chasing noise, come chase the force
You’re paranoid
Your paranoia gon kill you, boy
Dedication if fruitless,
Im just looking for some bill support, get it
Heavy heart living clueless,
say I don’t, but i do, yeah don’t guess, loop
G thang when i car back pool less,
SIXK sounds and the space got groovy

Chorus (Nihal)
Oh girl you’re so lost,
(I’m so lost)
Just run it, run it, run it, run it all down tonight,
I’m caught up in my ways coz I know it doesn’t matter,
Just run it all down tonight

Verse 2 (Rae)
Money to a monk
What’s honey to a wasp
Temple to a mosque
Gun to your temple
Then you know the cost
It could all be lost
Everything is everything
Maruti be a Porsche
Madonna is a Whore
Naruto is a fox
A fight is a talk
A mic is a glock
Block out the xenophobia
I pen my own truth
I pen my own fears
I pen my own tears
A Thumbs up fanatic is a coke head
I never live static
You do approach me but you can’t get near
Approach me but you can’t get near

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