Does He Violate Lyrics

Song : King Of The Crowd
Music : SAM CS
Singer : Lavita Lobo
Lyrics : Sarath Mandava

Does He Violate Lyrics

He Is A Master Or A Servant
Or The King Of The Crowd
Its Not Easy Though Crush
Leader Of The Pack

Sincere Though Dives
His Soul So Brave And Pure
Does He Obey
Does He Vilate
One Shall Never Know

Dodging The Duties
Don’t Go Well With Him
King Of The Crowd
Leader Of The Pack

Guns Shots Fires
And The Country His Mother
And Now Like Him No Other
He Is Never Never Never
Gonna Tierd

Law Oppresses Tricks The Crowd
But The Rich Are Free From It All
For Him It Is
Equality His Nation Above It All

He Is Not Just A Rebel
But Son Of The Land
Playing With Fire
Who Is The Slick?

Dodging The Duties
Don’t Go Well With Him
He Is King Of The Crowd
He Is Leader Of The Pack

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