Gandi Baat Web Series Title Song Lyrics

Song – Luk Chup – Gandii Baat Title Track
Starring – Mahima Gupta, Nidhi Mahawan, Zoya Khan, Kewal Dasani, Deepak Gupta, Scarlettwilson, Neethashetty & Florasaini
Directed By – Shabina Khan
Producer – Balaji Telefilms
Music Label – Altbalaji

Gandi Baat Lyrics

Luk Chup Luk Chup Hoti Hai
Na Jaane Kitni Baatein

Kuchh Me Kaale Din Hote Hai
Kuchh Me Ujali Raatien

Band Darwaje Hi Jaane
Kya Hota Unke Pichhe

Kaun Kahega Kya Hoti Hai
Achi – Gandii Baatein?

Har Baat Kahi Kisne Kab Kis Se
Kya Juthi Kya Sachi

Umar Kon Batayega Kis Ko
Kya Achi – Kya Gandii Baatein?

Gandi Baat Translation

Look Chup is Look 
I Don’t Know How Many Things

Some Have Dark Days
Some Bright Nights

Band Door Only
What Happened Behind Them

Who Will Say What Happens
Achy – Dirty Things?

Who Said Everything, When To Whom
What Is True

Who Will Tell Umar
What’s Good And What’s Bad?

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