Kannin Mani Pol En Amma Song Lyrics


Kannin Manipol Enne Karuthum
Ullam Karathil Enne Vahikkum
Thallikalayathe Marvvil Cherkkum
Snehamakum Yeshuve (2)

Hruthil Enne Vahichathinaal
Mullin Kurukkathil Veenathilla (2)
Kannil Thanne Nokkiyathinaal
Thumbamonnum Eshiyilla (2)
(Kannin Manipol…)

Prananekkal Arukil Ullathaal
Bhayapeduvan kaaryamilla (2)
Snehamere Nalkunnathinaal
Bharapeduvan Neramilla (2)
(Kannin Manipol…)


He will treat me like the apple of his eye
The soul will carry me in its arms
Will be added to the marquee without discarding
Love Jesus (2)

Because he carried me in his heart
Did not fall into the thorn bush (2)
Because it looked into his own eyes
There is no Asia (2)
(Like the apple of the eye.)

Because it is closer than the soul
No need to be afraid (2)
Because it gives more than love
No time to lose weight (2)
(Like the apple of the eye.)

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