Kobitar Gaan Lyrics In English Translation- Hasan Joy

Song: Kobitar Gaan
Singer: Hasan Joy
Music: Hasan Joy
Lyrics: Hasan Joy
Label: Goopybagha Productions Limited

Kobitar Gaan Lyrics In English Translation

Jodi barebare eki sure Prem tomay kaday
Tobe premika kothay Aar premi ba kothay

If you love the same tune over and over again
But where is the lover and where is the lover?

Jodi dishehara isharate Premi deke jaay
Tobe ishara kothay Aar ashara kothay

If the lover calls out with a gesture of disorientation
But where is the sign and where is the hope

Jodi mitthey mone hoy sob purono kotha
Jodi chayer cup e te jome nirobota

If it seems false everything is old
If there is silence in the cup of tea

Tobe bujhe niyo chander aalo koto nirupaay

But understand that the moonlight is useless

Jodi protidin sei rangeen Haasi beytha dey
Jodi sotto gulo shopno hoye Shudhu kotha dey

If you give that colorful smile every day
If truths are dreams, just talk

Tobe shune dekho premiker Gaan o oshohay

But listen to the lover’s song and helplessness

Jodi ovijog kere ney sob odhikar
TObe obhinoy hoy sobgulo obhisar
Jodi jhilmil neel aalo ke Dheke dey andhar
Tobe ki thake tomar Bolo ki thake tomar

If complaint takes away all rights
But acting is all convergence
If darkness covers the shimmering blue light
But tell me what you have

Jodi valobeshe sore gele more jete hoy
Keno sei prem phire ele Here jete bhoy

If you love to move away, you have to die
Why are you afraid of losing that love when it returns?

Sheshe kobitara daaysara gaan hoye jaay

In the end, the poems become songs

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