Mazi Tuzi Reshimgathi Title Song Lyrics In Marathi

Music : Rohit Nagbhide
Singer : Madhura Datar

Mazi Tuzi Reshimgathi Lyrics

Tu Haat Haati Dharava
Gandh Shwasat Malun Ghyava
Sparshat Umalun Yaava
Shwasatala Paarijaat
Asha Chaand Raati
Mithi Chandnyachi
An, Vahude Antara
Dhara Dhara Bebhaan Vaara
Aani Tuzi Aart Saath
Dhaga Dhaga Vinato Aata
Majhi Tujhi Reshimgaath

Mazi Tuzi Reshimgathi Translation

You Should Hold Hands
Inhale The Odor
Let The Touch Boil
Parijat In The Breath
Hope Moon Night
Sweet Moonlight
Un, Vahude Antra
Hold On
Now With Your Aart
I Beg You Now
My Your Silk Knot

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