Mohbad Beast And Peace Lyrics Translation In English

Song: Beast & Peace
Singer: Mohbad
Lyrics: Unknown
Music: Unknown

Mohbad Beast And Peace Lyrics Translation In English

(The winds will come)
(To steal the words I say) Imole

Ah, I’m in a silent mood, but I’m a beast
I tried to cause violence but still, I have peace
You don’t have to hurt me, before you win
You don’t have to kill somebody before you die
You can browse, without being bound by sub oh
Ode go far without God oh
So, I will stay at Oluwa
So, why are we like this?
He even greets you with a spoon, you can come face to face

I don’t want to be bad, from the world la’dì-la’dì
From the world of 1990 that beat pati-pati
I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel good
Now, I feel better, Surulere like Ojuelegba
Because he was drunk, they said he was on drugs
Now, I’m on top, my life is hunting in contour
He grew up in Naija, and he also grew up in London
For them KPK, Ponmo, Light boy look, I’m shining
(Light-boy I’m shining)

Uh, my mummy and my daddy, they are just questioning me
They said, “Where do you see this vibe, is it the hand of a demon?”
They approached my senior and asked, “Where do you see money?”
The older ones, they photocopied me
My first cashout, mother’s son, I tied him up with a bazooka
I took it for the sharp shooters
Don’t get angry or interfere
Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta for fake niggas

Those who want to shame me
Look, I came shameless
They wanted to stain me white, but I wanted stainless
These niggas should leave me, they should see reality
Because my silence, no mean say na weakness
Shoutout to Iba J, Diarra, and Hayan
CY, Darosha, Prime Boy
Spending with my daddy, my life became splendid
Glorious, Zomo, TIA, Bella

Breathe hard
They have your kind
Like you now, it’s not original
He wants, he wants to sleep with me
But, it doesn’t really matter to him

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