Mujhe Nahi Pata Hai Mujhse Mat Pucho Na Lyrics Meaning In English

Song: Cold Hours
Singer: Aleemrk
Lyrics: Aleemrk
Music: Aleemrk

Mujhe Nahi Pata Hai Mujhse Mat Pucho Na Lyrics Meaning In English

Barish ho rahi bahir or me kamre me akela
Andhera bara zaalim mujhe sone nahi dera

Meaning: raining outside and in the room alone
Darkness great oppressor I can’t sleep

2 ghante se likhne kee mein koshish hee kar raha hu
Apne Ghar ke andar ghar bana ke betha hu mein mera
Laazim nahi hai mujh pe ke me sunu sab kee baate
par me sun leta hu kyun ke thora naram dil jo thera

Meaning: I have been trying to write since 2 hours
I am sitting inside my house making my house
It is not obligatory for me to listen to everything
But I hear why the little soft heart that stayed

Jaana teri yaade mujhe sone hee nahi deti
Laite laite is bistar pe kab ho jaata hai sawera
Mujhe nahi pata hai mujh se mat poocho na
Apne khuwaab poore karne ke lie sab kho dunga

Meaning: Go, your memories don’t let me sleep
When is the morning lying on this bed?
I don’t know don’t ask me
I will lose everything to fulfill my dreams

Pеhle hee sab kho chuka hu , ab kya khaak kho dunga?
Akelepan mе lagta hai phir se poori raat ro dunga

Meaning: I have already lost everything, what will I lose now?
Feeling lonely I will cry all night

Mein teri yaad me asliyat se bhaag ke
Jaunga kaha mein mujhe bas bata de aaj ye
Zindagi tamasha jo kamata wo uraata
Chand bachata kyun ke idhar kaafi pesh hote haadse

Meaning: I ran away from reality in your memory
Where will I go, just tell me this today
The spectacle of life, he earns what he earns
A lot of accidents happen here because the moon is saved

Aleem kidhar gayab hogaye ho?
Na khud se karte message na reply dete ho
Socially inactive , interactive nahi ho zara
aise nahi the pehle jaana kya se kya hogaye ho ayee

Meaning: Where has Alim disappeared?
Do not reply to messages by yourself
Sociallay inactive, don’t be interactive
It was not like this before knowing what happened to what happened

Kidhar gayab hogae ho?
Dekhte dekhte duniya kee tum vibe hogaye ho
Easily 2 gaali de kar aa sakte tum aage
par tum aana nahi chahte bare nice hogaye ho

Meaning: Where will you disappear?
Seeing you are the vibe of the world
You can come forward by abusing 2
But you don’t want to come, you’re nice

Kab se meri jaan
Jab se mile zindagi me kuch aise insaan
Jin kee waja se badalna para khud ko
mujhe poora bara dikhne ke chakkar me wo jatate the ehsaan

Meaning: since when my life
Ever since I met some such person in life
change itself because of
He used to express his favor in order to make me look completely equal.

Wo bhi baat baat pe (x2)
Ek waqt tha kaafile me larkay 8 8 the
Ab 8 minus 4 mene 4 kar dia
Dhokebaazo ko circle se mene bahar kar dia

Meaning: Woh Bhi Baat Baat Pe (S2)
Once upon a time there were 8 8 in the convoy
Now 8 minus 4 I made 4
I kicked the cheaters out of the circle

Life is good when i talk to my self daily raat me
Zehen me sawaal 36 ghoome teri yaad me
Gaining all this money and i am getting all this fame
Mujhe dar laga rehta hai kahee bhool na jau aukaat me

Meaning: Life is good when I talk to my self daily Raat Mein
Question 36 turned around in your memory
Gaining all this money and I am getting all this fame
I am afraid that I should not forget somewhere

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Meaning: You might also like
Life Goes On

DJ Khaled
Nikal na jau hath se phir se ek or baar me
Aur nahi hai himmat ke ab sahu ek or haar

Meaning: daj khalid
Don’t get out of hand again in one more time
No more courage to bear another defeat

Masle ye zameen pe sulajh nahi rahe
mujh se or ye message kar ke kehte hai Aleemrk tu star hai

Meaning: In
Issues are not resolved on this ground
By sending this message to me and say, you are a star.

Sab ko mujh se khaar hai duniya bari laanti
Gonna be on top mere vision ko nahi jaanti
Chup rehta hu is ka matlab ye nahi ke kuch dikhta nahi hai
Khud hee khud ko bana rahe ho if u think i cant see

Meaning: the world is bad for me
Gonna be on top don’t know my vision
Being silent does not mean that nothing is visible
You are creating yourself

Feels like i am born to be lonely
Roz ye andhera kare parwah mere zone kee
Roz ye andhera mujhe deta hai andesha
jo tu dooba in gehraiyon me to aadat chuti phone kee

Meaning: Feels like i am born to be lonely
Every day this darkness cares about my zone
Everyday this darkness gives me doubt
Whoever you drowned in these depths, you missed the habit of the phone

Aint social khud se baat karu roz me
Band karu aankhe lage kum rahu hosh me
Kum karu baate rakhe kum bande close
Mene has ke kari baat sirf ye nahi kaha tu dost hai

Meaning: nt social talk to yourself everyday
Close your eyes with less Rahu in your senses
Do less talk, keep less people close
I didn’t just say that you are a friend

Aint rude , i just can’t pick a side
Dono taraf idhar jalan dono taraf idhar lies
Dono taraf idhar ego dono taraf se me nice
Dono taraf me nahi dekhu meri eyes on the prize hai

Meaning: Can’t row, I just can’t pick side
Burning on both sides here and here on both sides
Ego on both sides
I can’t see on both sides my eyes were the prize

Umar bees but i swear zehen tees ka
Pehle din se real bhooka nahi tha kabhi reach ka
Pehle din se fear mujhe girne ka raha nahi
coz i started from the bottom i guess aise hee banda seekhta

Meaning: Age twenty but different age thirty ka
Real was never hungry from day one
From the first day I have no fear of falling
So I started from the bottom I guess aisi banda sikhta

Aise hee seekhta aise hee banda seekhta
Roz gir kar roz uth kar zindagi me seekh gaya
Aise hee seekhta aisa hee banda seekhta
20 saal kee umar lage zindagi me seekh gaya

Meaning: learns like this, learns like this
Got up everyday by falling everyday and learned in life
learns like this, learns like this
Learned in life at the age of 20

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