Oru Thai Nadam Lyrics


Oru thai nadaam namukkammaykku vendi
Oru thai nadaam kochumakkalkku vendi
Oru thai nadaam noorukilikalkku vendi
Oru thai nadaam nalla naaleykku vendi
Ithu praana vaayuvinai nadunnu
Ithu mazhakkai thozhuthu nadunnu
Azhakinay thanalinay theanpazhangalkkay
Oru nooru thaikal niranju nadunnu.


Let’s plant a seedling for our mother
Plant a seedling for the grandchildren
Plant a seedling for a hundred birds
Plant a seedling for a better tomorrow
It’s a good idea
It’s a good idea
For honey fruits for beauty and shade
One hundred seedlings are planted in full

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