Unmaiyana Kadhal Endru Ondru Ullathu Song Lyrics


Indru netru nalai yavum
Kondu pogum kadhalae
Unnai sera vendi thanae
Mannil engum vaazhgiren

Vaanavil en vaazhkaiyil
Thondrum munbu maraindhu pona
Thaen thuli pokalil
Thedum theni nan ena

Kadhalae en kadhalae
Engu pogirai
En vazhvai vaazhum mun
Devadhai unai thediyae

Unmaiyana kadhal endru
Ondru ulladhu
Kaalam kadandhu pona pinbum
Mannil vazhvadhu

Kalam endhan kaipidikul
Kaadhal ennai vittuvittu
Engu sendradhu

Kadavul vandhu bumi meedhu
Vaazhum bothilum
Kaadhal tholvi aagumbothu
Saaga thondridum

Kaadhal indri bumi meedhu
Vaazha nerndhidum
Konja neram kuda
Naragam pola maridum

Indru netru nalai yaavum
Kondu pogum kaadhalae
Unnai sera vendi thaanae
Mannil engum vaazhgiren


Today is yesterday
With all of tomorrow
Love you for going
To join
In the soil itself
I live everywhere

My in the rainbow
Appear in life
Previously disappeared
In the honey drop flowers
As the looking bee I am

My love
Love where are you going
My life
Before living
I fall
The angel is you
In search

Something called love
Is out of date
In the soil after it is gone
To live

Which period
Trapped in the handle
Having love
Leave me alone
Where did it go

God come
Despite living on earth
When love fails
Appear to die

Without love
Will live on earth
Hell for a while too
Will change as

Today is yesterday
With all of tomorrow
Love you for going
In the soil you have to join
I live everywhere

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