Wo Mila Kyun Tha Lyrics | Use So Dafa Pukara Hai Dil Ne Magar Lyrics | Koi Aisa Dard De Nikal Jaye Jaan Lyrics


उसे सो दफा पुकारा है दिल ने मगर
मेरे दिल की कोई बात वो सुन ना सका
जो आँखों मैं थे मेरे आंसूं की तरह
बिखरी वोह खवाहिशे चुन न सका अकेले चलते चलते हो साये जैसे ढलते
रहीआं क्यों येह फासले सादे दरमिया


Heart has called him this time but
He could not hear anything from my heart
The eyes that I had were like my tears
Scattered he could not choose the speeches
while walking alone and moving like a shadow.
Why should the distance remain plain?

Why did he get it if he had to split up
Syed was heartbroken
I did not shatter me at all
Why did you want to live
If it wasn’t me
Somebody give away such pain
Get out sweetheart

I want to meet you with love
I still have that passion left
This bay is here to ignite without you
I still have a hard time in my breath
If you are happy, then your nights will be awakened.
Asma lives with love

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